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skylik  Nov 10, 2007
New English Teacher Led by Faith:
This Particular mid-fall (October) Intake 2007 we got more than 42 Students USA Visa. 

At ,Skylink Education we offer you a time-tested and cost effective process that enables a quick admission and smooth immigration process. Our     expertise extends to guiding you through every step of your admission process: from the choice of universities, to applying with discretion and guiding you through immigration procedures.

Educational services, such as guidance and consultations, are offered on an individual basis to students. Services are provided through individual     guidance, correspondences, telephone consultations, and e-mail communications by our respective staff.

Our services also include:
TOEFL Training, IELTS Training, GRE Training, VISA Documentation (includes CA Report, Valuation Report, Affidavit, Mock Interview), Travel & FOREX and Bank Loan.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. This exam is conducted by a Educational Testing Services (ETS), a non-profitable organization in New Jersey. The maximum marks for this exam is 300. The TOEFL exams mainly consists of the following sections:

              *  LISTENING
              *  STRUCTURE/WRITING
              *  READING

At Skylink Education Training, we cover these sections in detail followed by 15 practice tests in each of these sections. In the TOEFL Exam, the writing module consists of an essay to be either written or typed in a time period of 30minutes. This sub-section is also known as Test of Written English (TWE). The score achieved in this section is represented as a range of about 50 to 56 points (on completion of your exam your score will appear as a range for e.g.217-273) of the allotted 300 points. Hence, this essay forms the core of your score. The essay topic on which you will be tested will be from a given number of 80-100 topics. Our training curriculum covers all these topics and helps you get the best score. Apart from the practice tests we also offer 12 Computer Based Tests with complete course material.

The IELTS exam is mainly targeted at students who want to pursue their higher studies in various countries like United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand etc. The British Council conducts it. This exam, like the TOEFL tests your proficiency in the English language. In the IELTS, the performance of a candidate will be evaluated based on a band score for each section. The overall score is the average of the band scores acquired in each of the sections. The maximum band score a student can get in any section is 9.The different sections of this test are:

              *  LISTENING
              *  READING
              *  WRITING
              *  SPEAKING

The IELTS Reading and Writing modules have two options – Academic and General Training. Most students are related to the Academic module, as this is required to be taken by those who aspire for an undergraduate or graduate degree. The Listening and Reading modules are similar to the normal listening and reading modules. The Writing sections demands a 20minutes essay describing a Graph that is given. The second part of this section is an essay to be written in 40minutes based on a given argument. In the Speaking section of the IELTS, the examiner interviews you for 10-15minutes.

The GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination tests various skills that you have acquired right from your kindergarten days. It mainly puts to test you logical, verbal and quantitative abilities the two types of GRE test are as follows:

GRE General Test—The General Test measures skills that have been developed over a long period of time and are not necessarily related to any particular field of study. The test is composed of analytical writing, verbal, and quantitative sections. The computer-based General Test is offered year round at authorized testing centers worldwide.

GRE Subject Tests—The Subject Tests measure undergraduate achievement in eight specific fields of study and assume undergraduate majors (concentrations) or extensive background in those disciplines..

The maximum marks for this exam is 1600 The GRE test mainly consists of the following sections:

           *  Analytical Writing:

            Articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively · examine claims and accompanying evidence · support ideas with relevant reasons and examples ·     sustain a well-focused, coherent discussion · control the elements of standard written English

           *  Verbal:

            Analyze and evaluate written material and synthesize information obtained from it · analyze relationships among component parts of sentences ·     recognize relationships between words and concepts

           *  Quantitative:

Understand basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis · reason quantitatively · solve problems in a quantitative setting Skylink Education provides excellent visa documentation, when a candidate applies for a student visa he/she requires certain documents which has to be presented at the consulate, Skylink Education helps the students to prepare all the required documents at the consulate, Skylink Education helps in providing certain documents which are as follows

Skylink Education helps in providing a CA report, which depicts the financial condition of sponsor of the candidate. The report clearly states the     Annual income, Savings and details of the immovable property of the sponsor.

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