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International Education
The International Education Site is a FREE guide to study abroad information
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University of North Alabama, Virginia International University, USA
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Patel Maulin, Patel Nilam, Patel Rupal, Patel Saurin
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We provide Wester union Money Transfer facility.
skylik  Nov 10, 2007
New English Teacher Led by Faith:
This Particular mid-fall (October) Intake 2007 we got more than 42 Students USA Visa. 
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International Education

The International Education Site provides a FREE college and university application service for students worldwide who are considering studying abroad. This enables students to have their details submitted to a wide selection of colleges and universities, in several countries, by completing and submitting one simple form. This means that:

  1. You fill out one form which outlines what and where you want to study.
  2. You may enter more than one subject or country of interest.
  3. We compare your qualities and interests with our database of leading colleges and universities worldwide.
  4. We forward your details only to those institutions that exactly match your criteria.
  5. These colleges or universities contact you directly (usually via mail or email) and attempt to recruit you.
  6. This service is completely free of charge for the student.
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